Label Detection

In FMCG, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and other packaging industries, pasting labels on bottles and products is a common and high-speed process.

Since labels carry important information like ingredients, manufacturing date, manufacturer’s information, it is very crucial that the correct label should be pasted. Also, it must be pasted such that it won’t come-off the bottle and it should be aligned to the bottle.

Our machine vision system identifies all these issues at high-speed, without any manual intervention and rejects products with any of these pasting errors.

  • Inspection Speed: Up-to 500 parts per minute.
  • Connectivity with Cloud & Offline Servers: Available.
  • 21 CFR Software: Available.
  • Image Storage: Available.
  • Recipe: Available.
  • Missing Label Detection.
  • Wrong Label Detection.
  • Label Shift Detection.


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