Downtime Monitoring


IoT based downtime management system receives the data from PLC (or any other hardware) and then this data is transmitted to server for processing. Server transmits the data to the web-app indicating alerts / warnings and downtime analysis.

Key Features of Downtime Analysis System
  • High Accuracy
  • Real Time Information
  • Increased Productivity
  • Fast Maintenance
  • Increased Consistency
  • Downtime Analysis Board:

    Downtime Monitoring

    In this system user can check the downtime logs for various units such as ACED, METAL, PAINT. If a system is down then that will be indicated by RED and if it is working properly then it will be GREEN. It also provides day-wise breakdown graph for all the departments. We can also monitor average downtime for various CMS issue and DNS issue with the number of occurrences, average downtime and average repair time. On right side of dashboard we have a graph of line-wise downtime followed by issue-wise downtime of every day.

    In this system user can monitor the status of all downtime remotely with availability of total downtime.


    GSM/SMS Integration

    IoT Enabled Remote Access

    Centralised Downtime Analysis

    GPS Integration

    Cloud Based Downtime Analysis

    Critical Alarm Generation

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