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  • Vision Lights

    Area Light

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    Available Colors:

    Blue,Green,Infrared,White,UV 365 nm,Red

    • Provides even illumination in a concentrated area.
    • Creates shadows or glare to detect changes in depth, depending on mounting.
    • High-intensity lighting for distances greater than 12 inches.
  • Vision Lights


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    Available Colors:

    Determines the shape and size of target objects.
    Offers a highly diffused surface and uniform brightness, with lower intensity than other lights.
    Provides the most robust lighting for measuring and gauging.
    Highlights through-holes in target objects.

  • Vision Lights

    High-Intensity Spot Lights

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    Available Colors:


    • Provides more uniform illumination than a ring light.
    • Delivers collimated illumination in the same optical path as the camera.
    • Evenly illuminates flat reflective surfaces.
    • Provides a minimum useful life of 10,000 to 60,000 hours, depending on model.
  • Vision Lights

    Linear Array Backlights

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    Available Colors:
    Blue, Green, Infrared, Red, White
    Built-in constant current regulation with a very even light pattern.
    Optically isolated strobe signal with selectable Active High or Active Low strobe option.
    Maintenance-free, rugged construction.
    Four high-intensity, visible wavelengths, plus IR.

  • Vision Lights

    Linear Array Light

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    Available Colors:

    Blue,UV 395 nm,Green,Infrared,Red,White,UV 365 nm

    • Provides maintenance-free LED illumination of large objects from far away.
    • Provides superior high-intensity illumination of large areas.
    • Available in sealed (IP68) nickel-plated and non-sealed (IP50) housings.
    • Provides optically isolated strobe signal.
  • Vision Lights

    Low Angle Ring Lights

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    Available Colors:


    • Highlights surface irregularities.
    • Highlights slight height differences such as etching, solder balls and embossing.
    • Illuminates from an angle nearly perpendicular to object.
    • Provides a minimum useful life of 10,000 to 60,000 hours, depending on model.
  • Vision Lights

    On-Axis Lights

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    Available Colors:


    • Provides more uniform illumination than a ring light.
    • Delivers collimated illumination in the same optical path as the camera.
    • Evenly illuminates flat reflective surfaces.
    • Provides a minimum useful life of 10,000 to 60,000 hours, depending on model.
  • Vision Lights

    Ring Light

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    Available Colors:











    UV 395 nm

    • Brightly illuminates small objects.
    • Mounts directly to the camera and centers the light on the image.
    • Includes models to withstand washdown environments (IP68 rated).
  • Vision Lights

    Spot Lights

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    Available Colors:


    • Low-cost, compact washdown spot lights.
    • Continuous or strobed operation is selectable via sensor software.
    • Provides extremely bright, even light with high-power LEDs.
    • Adjustable spot size.

Industrial Vision Lights – Industrial vision lights are essential for the machine vision system. These specialized lights play a crucial role in ensuring an accurate, high-quality, and reliable image capture for industrial applications. If you are searching for impeccably advanced Industrial vision lights to boost accuracy and efficiency in your industrial process, you are on the right page. More to come!

In the fast-paced industrial world, an accurate and high-quality solution is essential to capture high-quality images, detection, inspection, and measurement. An ordinary technique is not an appropriate choice for this. Unseen Era offers a cutting-edge range of industrial vision lights specially designed to enhance contrast and visibility, allowing machine vision cameras to capture clear and high-quality images of objects in your product line or manufacturing process.

Brief About Industrial Vision Lights

Straight to the point, specialized lighting systems that supply the required light for the camera to capture detailed and high-quality images are known as industrial vision lights or machine vision lighting. 

These technically advanced lights are manufactured to provide consistent and uniform illumination for uses like product identification, measurement, inspection, detection, and so on. In addition to that, it also allows the operators to select from a wide range of colors, allowing for high contrast in control processes.

 Applications of Industrial Vision Lights

These state-of-the-art lights follow the machine vision system and offer numerous applications in industrial setups. Their applications include automated inspection and quality control during the manufacturing processes, product line, assembling applications, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, labeling, packaging, warehouse, and so on. 

Uniform and consistent illumination plays an essential role in helping robots identify good or poor quality products or parts, different items for pick and place applications. They can easily take clear images even on fast working environments, for example, logistics. Industrial vision lights are also used to whether the products are the right size, shape and colour before they are packed and labeled and save the time of the operators on repackaging. 

Industrial Vision Lights Market & Analysis 

Industrial machine vision lights are excellent systems that have become an integral part of the range of industrial applications. They are energy-efficient, advanced, and accurate systems that are revolutionizing the industry to the next level. That’s why they are in demand in heavy-duty industries like pharmaceuticals, automotive, and others to perform complex and repetitive operations more accurately, rapidly, and consistently.  Have a look at this report.

As per the report published by The Insight Partners, In 2022, the industrial machine vision lighting market was recorded at USD 1.5 Billion and is estimated to increase by USD 2.8 Billion in 2030 with CAGR ( Compound Growth Annual Rate) during the forecast period 2022- 2030.

How To Choose the Right Industrial Vision Lights 

With several options, brands, and types of industrial vision lights to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right industrial machine vision lights. Below we have mentioned some of the curated tips that will surely help you in making the right decision for your applications. 

  1. First of all, determine the type of lighting (specular reflection/diffuse reflection/transmitted light), you want for your processes. 
  2. Consider your needs and what kind of inspection you want. for example, detecting defects, shape, absence, presence, color, etc.
  3. Pay attention to the surface it is smooth, flat, glossy, or rough and the background also and choose the light accordingly. 
  4. Check the dimensions of the target and installation conditions. For example ring light, backlight, spotlight, and others. For example: Backlights are used to inspect transparent objects.
  5. Check the material and wavelength of lighting 

Introducing Unseen Era’s Ultimate Industrial Vision Lights 

We, at, Unseen Era, believe that whether it is large or small, easy or complex, modern or traditional, local or global, every industry needs an advanced solution that not only saves time but also promotes efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. With brilliant expertise and extensive experience of more than 10 years, we aim to make a difference in the industry and help the businesses achieve success at new heights!

Our high-end industrial vision lights are used and trusted by various industries including pharma, educational, science, ISRO, food & beverage industries, and others that are capable of detecting, capture high-quality images, checking sizes, and others even in challenging and tight deadlines.

Not only this, our reliable and meticulously crafted technical solutions are also making history in various developing countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Maldives, UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, and Oman.

Astonishing Features of Our Exceptional Industrial Vision Lights

Enlisting the wonderful features of our Industrial Vision Lights:

  • Provides even and perfect illumination in a concentrated area.
  • Capable of highlighting through holes in target objects.
  • Get High-intensity lighting for distances greater than 12 inches.
  • Maintenance-free and exclusive illumination at competitive prices
  • Strict procedures are followed step-by-step to guarantee the accuracy, reliability, and consistency.
  • Capable of spotting even the tiniest defects 
  • Customization options are available to ensure that they are tailored to your needs.

If you are curious to know more about our Industrial Vision Lights, feel free to reach out to us. Our friendly and talented customer support crew will be there to assist you

Drop Your Queries: 

Talk to us: +91-7206-86-5596, +971-52-2697872

So what are you waiting for? Uplift your business’s productivity to the next level with Unseen Era’s Industrial Vision Lights

People May Also Ask For Industrial Vision Lights

Q1: What are the main types of industrial vision lights offered by your company?

Ans; We offer a top-of-the-line and ultra-advanced range of industrial vision lights including ring lights, spotlights, backlights, on-axis lights, linear array lights, and others.

Q2: What is the concept of industrial vision lights?

Ans; Specialized lighting systems that deliver the required light for the camera to capture detailed and high-quality images are called industrial vision lights.

Q3: What are the uses of industrial vision lights?

Ans; Industrial vision lights are used in various fast and busy industries like pharma, food, drinks, logistics, manufacturing, and others for measurement, inspection, detect, capture high-quality images, and others

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