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    Kubler’s Sendix Base KIS50 / KIH50 (shaft / hollow shaft)

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    The encoders Sendix Base KIS50 / KIH50 offer a protection level up to IP65 and can be used with temperatures from -20°C up to +70°C. They are ideal for use in standard applications and in simple machines.

    The Sendix Base KIS50 / KIH50 family also features our well proven Safety-LockTM system, allowing higher tolerance of possible installation errors and increasing the overall performance of this encoder.
    Resistant zinc die-cast housing and protection up to IP65.
    Wide temperature range, -20°C … +70°C.
    Elimination of machine downtime thanks to sturdy bearing construction in “Safety-LockTM Design”
    Suitable connection variant for every specific case: cable connection, M12 and M23 connector.
    Various mounting options.
    Up to 5000 pulses per revolution.
    High Rotational Speed
    Temperature Range = -20 to 70 degree celsius
    High Protection Level
    High Shaft Load Capacity
    Shock/Vibration Resistant
    Magnetic Field Proof
    Short-Circuit Proof
    Reverse Polarity Protection
    Optical sensor

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