Printing & OCR/ OCV Solution

As the production, packaging and printing are automated processes in the industries, it brings the requirement of a fast and accurate system to check printed data (batch no., MRP, manufacturing date, etc.). Also, it is a legal compliance in many regions to display MRP and manufacturing date on the products.

Our customised OCR (Optical Character Recognition) & OCV (Optical Character Verification) system detects the printed data and compares it with defined data. If any mis-match, mis-print or no-print is detected, it activates the rejection system to remove that particular product from the running line.


  • Print Quality: Any – Inkjet, Dotmatrix, Thermal, Laser, Continuous.
  • Print Colour: Any Colour, UV or IR.
  • Print Surface: Any – Paper, Plastic, Rough, Metallic, Carton, etc.
  • Max. operating speed: 350 inspections per minute.
  • Capable to read barcode & characters in a single inspection.
  • Inspections on Multiple Sides: Yes.
  • Connectivity with Cloud & Offline Servers: Available.
  • 21 CFR software available (Optional).
  • Image Storage: Available.
  • Recipe: Available.


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