IS7000 Smart Vision Sensor

Key Features

  • Powerful vision system that performs fast and accurate inspections.
  • Compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines.
  • Unique, modular design is highly field-customizable to your application requirements.
  • Internal and external power/control lighting options.
  • Highly visible pass/fail LED indicator light ring around the camera body.
  • Resolutions ranging from VGA to 5MP.
  • Job/Program memory: 7.2 GB on board + 8 GB on SD card.


  • Part absence / presence.
  • To verify that an integrated circuit has been soldered onto the PCB in the correct orientation.
  • Checking the dial on a thermostat to confirm that it is in the correct position.
  • Presence of an O-ring installed in the proper location before final packaging.
  • Checking for the presence of quality control (QC) marks, on automotive parts, before moving to the next stage of assembly.
  • Fill level and cap assembly detection on bottles.
  • Verify that the correct fruit snack flavor is present, before packaging.
  • To verify that the correct number of staple strips have been added in the carton.
  • To verify that the pump dispenser is in the locked position before the bottle is packed into a carton.
  • Inspection of a bottle to confirm that the cap and bottle colors match.
  • Blister pack inspection.


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