Water Monitoring System


Online pollution monitoring for effluent discharge from various sources.

Key Features

  • System suitable for in-process monitoring of parameters BOD, COD, pH, TDS, TSS, EMF, Cr, Ar, and Ammonia for effluent.
  • In-bulit PC and Software is offered, which connects directly for online status transmission, as per the requiement of CPCB and state government pollution control departments.
  • Sample taken directly from discharge pipe, which drops water into effluent reservoir for precise readings.
  • All sensor housed in indoor/outdoor panel.
  • Remote/Local RO water calibration. Server access is through mobile phones also.
  • Surface Water (rivers, lakes, etc.)
  • Industrial Waste Water
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Measurement
    • Optical Sensor with high resolution and sensitivity
    • Powerful mathematics
  • Treatment FTLS Sampling
    • Multiplexing system
    • Heated or cooling system
  • Communication and interface
    • On-board memory for data storage (16 GB)
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface on TFT color touch-screen (glass to glass)
  • Enclosure
    • IP65 Stainless Steel enclosure
    • ATEX (optional)
    • 10 years life of UV lamp
    • Once a year calibration
  • High Selectivity
    • Very low interference
    • Low detection limit
  • High Reliability
    • No moving parts
    • High quality material
    • No contact with detector
  • Simplicity
    • Easy to use
    • Short-time operation
  • Robustness
    • Can be installed outside in corrosive or explosive areas
    • No change parts required

    Usage Analysis & Optimisation

    Control System Simulator

    Predictive Billing Analysis

    IoT Enabled

    SCADA Integration

    Peak Hour Identification

    Expandable Meter Integration

    Smart Home Integration

    Variable Parameters

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